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The San Jose Chinese School (SJCS) views academic excellence and cultural awareness as an important and integral part of learning Chinese. By integrating cultural awareness into classroom instructions, we provide a unique learning experience in multi-lingual education that enriches multi-cultural diversity within the school district and around the greater San Jose area. Our program requires parental participation in their children’s learning. We believe that motivated parents who are actively involved in their children’s education are essential for the students’ success.

The SJCS is open to the public. We have a non-discriminatory policy: students are considered for admission regardless of their gender, race, creed, color, age, sexual orientation, or national origin. The SJCS admits students as young as age four in the beginners’ class that is equivalent to the pre-kindergarten level. All classes are subject to class size of 25. Our teachers are recruited from a pool of thoroughly qualified candidates.

The SJCS is financially independent and not receiving any funding either from local or abroad agencies. The school operation is built on a strong parent voluntary basis. All parent volunteers and faculty members are encouraged to participate in various training classes or workshops held by any related organizations. In addition, we sponsor a tuition reimbursement program for the SJCS teachers who enroll in education courses at local colleges.

In SJCS, classes meet two hours every Saturday for 32 weeks a year. There are total of 64 hours of instruction time per academic year. Two or more hours of home study time is expected each week. Class assignments, including homework and projects, and examinations are designed to enhance students’ learning in speaking, reading, writing, and their general understanding and awareness of Chinese culture.

Student performance is based on periodic evaluation of the following components: school attendance, classroom participation, homework, quizzes, Mid-term & final exam, etc.

The SJCS is open to the San Jose community. We are committed to provide language instruction for any student who is interested in learning the Chinese language and culture. We hope that our service can enhance cultural awareness and also encourage cultural diversity in the community.

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