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Carol Hu

posted Mar 10, 2013, 12:38 AM by IT SJCS   [ updated Mar 10, 2013, 1:57 PM ]

Unexpectedly, I took over the principal post, and my heart is fear and trepidation, but fortunately with the strong support of the Vice Principal, Agnes Mak, and the Assistant Principal, Lei Wang , I decided to go ahead and fight side by side with them for our children’s Chinese education. Strong lineup of this year's administrative team are enthusiastic and experienced parents; I would like to express my highly respect and gratitude for these selfless volunteer executives.

It has been three months since the school starts, and all the departments of the school has been in full swing. I believe that everyone can feel that this is a power. I was very moved in the course of activities in which I saw a lot of parents actively involved so that the activities could be carried out smoothly. Especially to solve the school’s deficit problem this year, we have a series of fundraising activities. I would like to thank the full cooperation and generosity of the whole school’s parents. My heart is full of gratitude, and I believe that with our efforts we could make a big difference for our kids and pass the torch of Chinese education from generation to generation.

Principal Office Events:

School T-Shirt: Subscribe is underway. Parents can come to the front office to try the size and subscribe.

Scrip: The purchase of Scrip nearly doubled growth through this promotion. I hope you will continue to support, not only to save money, but also to make money for the school, why not? You can save $5 with $200 Scrip.

eScrip: This is the easiest way to raise fund for the school, you can register your shopping card online. If you need help, just come to the office and we will do the registration for you. Our eScrip ID is 136952820.

Fundraising: Thanks to your generous donations. The receipt was already sent to you. If you haven’t received yet, please come to the office for inquiries.

Parents’ Gathering:

The first gathering held in September 29, we got the enthusiastic response from many parents, who gave us many valuable suggestions. Thank you very much.

On November 13, Tengmei Chao teacher gave us a lecture of the "Top Ten Reasons to Learn Chinese and Useful Learning Tools”. Parents who missed this event could visit the school’s website to watch.

On December 1, Dr. Nan Chao would give us a lecture of “TCM Health”.

Academic Department Events:

Outstanding Teachers Award: Congratulate our teachers, Doris Huang and Wenying Liao, who obtained the Outstanding Teachers Award from the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools. On Sept. 23 after Confucius Commemoration Ceremony, they accepted recognition at the South Bay Chinese Cultural Center, and the scene was warm and grand.

Confucius Commemoration Day: The 2563th Confucius Commemoration Day was held on September 23 by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission of the Republic of China and ANCCS. We had 20 students to participate in this event, and the scene was quite solemn.

Upper Grade Credit Transfer Parents Briefing: High school students attending San Jose Chinese School in grades nine to twelve are eligible to apply for credit transfer, up to five elective credits a school year. The briefing is held on December 1 (10:45 am-11: 15am).

Chinese Scholarship: As a form of encouragement, the school set up a scholarship to reward students who attend SJCS at least two years, and attain a “5” in Chinese AP and a score of “800” in Chinese SAT II. For further information, please contact the Academic Department.

Academic Contest: The school’s academic contest will be on January 26, 2013 (Saturday). The registration deadline is December 1. Students are encouraged to participate. Please visit school’s website for the relevant rules of the contest.

Operation Department Events:

Winter Food Drive: Our school participation in the Second Harvest Food Bank food relief activities has been a successful conclusion on November 17. Thanks to your generous donation.

Class Pictures: The pictures of each class are post in front of the office. Parents who would like to have your kid’s growing footprint to keep could come to the office to preorder.

Chinese New Year Celebration Carnival: Year of the Snake Chinese New Year Celebration carnival and exhibition of achievements would be held on Feb. 9, 2013 at Leland High School site. This event contains a variety of food, singing, fun performances and other activities. Let’s wait and see to have a good time.

Discipline Department Events:

Evacuation Drills: On Sep. 22, the whole school held an evacuation drill. Students with teachers’ command made this exercise a successful conclusion. Thank you all!

IT Department Events:

Online Opinion Feedback: An instant suggestion box was set up on school’s website as a communication bridge between parents and the school. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the administrators or teachers, please take advantage of this mailbox. We will sincerely accept as an important reference for future services.

Extracurricular Department Events:

Chinese Culture Knowledge Class: This is a cultural heritage lesson with lively teaching! You could learn the Chinese five thousand years of history and culture. Welcome to join the competition ranks.

National Day Flag-Raising Ceremony: The Double Ten National Day flag-raising ceremony was held on October 6 (Saturday) at Santa Clara County Plaza. Our Ruiping Lu teacher led our extracurricular class to participate in this event and gave brilliant performances.

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